About Us

We are a Friends group engaged in stream & flora rehabilitation, heritage preservation & improving access to Mundy Regional Park above the Lesmurdie Falls.

Aims of the group

  • rehabilitate the flora of the degraded areas of the area east of Lesmurdie Falls and falling within the Mundy Regional Park and the Lesmurdie Falls National Park.
  • undertake structural rehabilitation of the Lesmurdie Brook from Lesmurdie Falls to the eastern boundary of the Lesmurdie Falls National Park.
  • improve the amenity of the area for visitors to the parks.
  • acknowledge and display the history, both indigenous and European, of the area.


Our Committee:

President:  Mike Robinson
Vice-President: Richard Parker
Secretary: Mike Mansfield
Treasurer: John Greenwood
Committee Members:

Terry Ballinger

Marie Jaquier

Mick Davis

Liam Whiting

Nick Underwood

Steph Bewick

Nina Sergeev

Danielle Page